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According to your article, Mahoning (17th) and Trumbull (15th) counties are similarly sized in Ohio’s population. The big difference is the availability of COVID-19 tests. Mahoning County and some of its municipalities appear to have a supply to distribute for free. In Trumbull County, the Cortland Fire Chief had to search for a handful for his first responders. Did anyone drop the ball?

Bloomfield North

I disagree with Neel Madhavan’s January 3 column, “Bowling unsubscribes are not a bad thing. “ Players, in essence, sign a contract when they accept athletic scholarships. It doesn’t mention it “except for the boules games.” To say that they could be injured in a game of boules does not make sense. They might as well get injured in the last game of the regular season or even in an earlier game. And a coach who retires from bowling is even worse.


Your title “Biden: Trump held a dagger against democracy” secured a Republican victory in the medium term, 2024 and beyond. The Chief Divider distorted, exaggerated and hid the facts, just like the “Constitution Violating January 6th Congressional Committee.” This president enraged by hatred has insulted more than half of our fellow citizens while turning away from the incompetent failures of his administration. This move will further lower its approval with independents.


Up to $ 9,000 in COVID-19 death reimbursements have been made and are still available to surviving families. Why? Why is a death from COVID-19 more devastating than a death from cancer, heart attack, or languishing in a retirement home for years? My sympathies to those who have lost someone to COVID-19, but with all deaths come financial and emotional burdens.


The American Rescue Plan implemented the Mineral Ridge Water Infrastructure Grant program. Mike DeWine forgot to tell Trumbull residents that the $ 3 million grant to build an elevated water storage tank and booster pump station to stabilize pressure and volume throughout the system Mineral Ridge’s public water was provided by funds from the Biden administration’s plan.


The Twitter storm is over. America is in business. The Biden administration had a spectacular first year of performance. $ 1.9 trillion in COVID-19 relief; a $ 1,000 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill; 72 percent of American adults fully immunized; the federal judges appointed and confirmed at the highest rate in 40 years, America’s true allies back in our fold; and an economy where unemployment fell to 4.2 percent. We’re building better with a lot to look forward to in Biden’s first term!


2021 was so relaxing, unlike the previous four years where chaos and mayhem happened daily in the White House and nothing ever materialized to make our country better. Even ex-President Trump’s White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham described the Trump administration as “A burning clown car running at full speed through a warehouse full of fireworks.”


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