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OMAHA – New sculptures recently installed at the Pioneer Courage Park of the First National Bank of Omaha strengthen the park’s representation of the pioneer movement across Omaha.

The new bronze sculptures of a Mormon family of four carrying their belongings using a cart were created by sculptor Blair Buswell. The sculptures are 1¼ life size, as are the rest of the sculptures in the park.

A new sculpture at First National Bank of Omaha’s Pioneer Courage Park, 15th Street and Capitol Avenue, shows a Mormon father pulling a cart.

The stroller addition represents the fourth phase of FNBO’s sculpture parks and joins existing sculptures of a westbound train at Pioneer Courage Park, which is on the north side of Capitol Avenue between 14th and 15th streets.

The addition represents the importance of Omaha in the Western Mormon movement, said Kevin Langin, senior director of public relations and corporate communications for FNBO.

“There were quite a few Mormons who used Omaha as a jumping off point to move west,” he said. “And a lot of them didn’t have mules or oxen to carry their things, so they literally use what they call stroller carts, and so in this group of sculptures the father pulls the cart on. which is the family business, and then the son pushes from behind.

The company’s sculpture facilities range from Pioneer Courage Park to Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness Park to 16th and Dodge Streets. The two parks are connected by a group of fleeing bison that straddle the blocks in between. In total, the sculpture parks span six blocks and include around 130 pieces of bronze and stainless steel sculpture on the bank’s downtown campus.

The Pioneer Courage Park instillation is meant to represent the bravery, courage and entrepreneurship of the pioneer era, Langin said.

“It’s really looking at how we were then, and how this pioneering spirit, this entrepreneurship that started then, continues today in the Omaha region,” he said.

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