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Local and industry leaders gathered in Lorain on October 7 to kick off a month of events dedicated to education and awareness of opportunities in the Lorain County manufacturing sector.

Lorain County Manufacturing Month was celebrated at Skylift Inc., 3000 Leavitt Road, charting the way forward for Lorain and Northeast Ohio as a haven for innovation and invention.

The family-owned business started in 2000 with two employees and has since grown to 85 at its 50,000 square foot facility, manufacturing state-of-the-art specialty equipment used for power grid repair and maintenance.

Skylift Inc. owner and co-founder Nick Jarmoszuk, left, and President Mike Naughton speak on October 7 to kick off Lorain County Manufacturing Month. (Kevin Martin – The Morning Journal)

Tony Gallo, president of the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce, said the origins of Manufacturing Month began in 2012 with local leaders recognizing the need to change public perception of the industry and inspire young people to pursue a career in manufacturing.

“These objectives are particularly relevant here in Lorain County, where the number of jobs in the manufacturing sector, since it is one of our jobs in demand, hovers around 20% in some of our municipalities. here in Lorain County, nearly double the national average. Said Gallo. “The need to correct the idea that all manufacturing involves repetitive, unskilled tax tasks that occurred in dark and dirty factories, is not what it is today.”

The impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on the industry has shaken up supply chains.

Gallo pointed to a recent survey of 700 U.S. manufacturers, 25 percent of whom had to change their supply chains.

“COVID has screwed up a lot of different things in ways we never thought possible, that’s for sure,” he said. “But COVID-19 has exposed the loopholes in manufacturing’s heavy reliance on complex and remote supply chains.”

Manufacturing is changing, Gallo said, and with a talent shortage on the horizon, recent figures suggest that about 80% of the manufacturing industry’s workforce will retire over the next few years. coming years.

“COVID has also affected an already tight labor market,” he said. “We know that with everyone who manufactures in Lorain County and Northeast Ohio who are already dealing with baby boomer retirements, our local manufacturers are now hosting trade shows on an ongoing basis. employment to fill vacancies and offer incentives such as signing bonuses and signing bonuses for an employee who may have brought someone in to fill the position.

Kaptur announces congressional hearing in Lorain

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur speaks at Skylift, Inc. in Lorain on October 7 to kick off Lorain County Manufacturing Month. (Kevin Martin – The Morning Journal)

With Washington’s eyes on the infrastructure negotiations, U.S. Congressman Marcy Kaptur announced in her remarks that her committee, the Congressional Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth, will hold its first hearing outside Washington on the 18th. October at El Centro de Servicios Sociales en Lorain.

The committee will hear directly from residents on the challenges they face, Kaptur said.

“People will come from all over the country to testify,” she said. “And we want to hear from the people of Lorain on what needs to be done here to improve lives as we prepare legislation at the federal level that will be extremely important to the manufacturing sector.”

Kaptur said she wanted her colleagues in Congress to see what empty factories and manufacturing plants look like.

“So, I hope Lorain will help me educate our committee in a way that will be of use to Lorain, but through Lorain’s lens to see manufacturing for the country,” she said.

Kaptur, a Democrat from Toledo, told guests she was proud to represent a state where he makes and builds things rather than just shipping and selling them, the impact directly benefiting the people of Ohio.

“If you look at when you go to college and you have to take all these courses, you know and you have to take economics, they show you that a dollar invested in manufacturing will actually make about a dollar and half to the general economy, ”she said. “It’s very different from other types of businesses that just move products or move bits around the Internet.”

However, competition in the manufacturing sector is fierce and global, with Ohio and the United States battling in an unfair global market for steel and other raw materials used by American industry.

Kaptur said she is hearing from constituent companies that have lost millions of dollars to unfair business practices while also having to fight to get Ohio and the industrial Midwest to be heard in Washington.

The making of the County of Lorain reigns supreme

Additional remarks came from Lorain County Commissioner Dave Moore, who introduced a proclamation declaring October as Lorain County Manufacturing Month.

Moore was joined by the county’s community development team and he referred to the county’s rich tradition of manufacturing and farming.

The commissioners also approved a grant of $ 23,000 for Skylift to purchase recycled steel.

Max Upton, director of the building, housing and planning department of the City of Lorain, along with Moore, congratulated Skylift for investing in the city, noting the growth of the business and the changing landscape in the northeastern Ohio for the past 40 years.

“The town of Lorain has a rich tradition of making things from shipbuilding to steel and everything in between,” Upton said. “We can safely say that the city of Lorain and its economy are made up of decision-makers and actors.

“Skylift is a proud Lorain company. They started here, they rented the buildings, and to my knowledge, they own the building now, and they’re growing exponentially.

Upton highlighted Skylift’s cutting-edge innovation in developing zero-emission battery-powered machines.

“This is exactly the kind of innovative manufacturing that will propel our city, our region and our country into the 21st century,” he said.

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