Lima sees the Vision 2040 project

LIMA — Officials in Lima had their first chance to watch “Vision 2040” on Wednesday afternoon.

The Lima/Allen County Regional Planning Commission has completed a draft comprehensive plan for the city. The name describes the overall goal of the plan, to create a vision for the next decades in Lima. The City of Lima will begin implementing Vision 2040 once approved by the City Council.

Vision 2040 focuses on infrastructure, services, parks, zoning and more. The content of the plan includes characteristics of the population, infrastructure, economy, downtown and redevelopment.

As community development continues, the city of Lima wants to focus on home ownership, education, and workforce development. Lima Mayor Sharetta Smith said the city believes these three topics coincide and will improve life throughout the city of Lima.

The development of this plan began in 2020. From April to July 2021, the population was able to participate in a general survey on the needs of the community.

“We brought together the public vision and created broader strategies to implement across the city and move forward as a community,” said LACRPC Representative Cody Doyle.

The LACRPC will present the project to its committees at the end of July. There will be a 30-day public comment period following the LACRPC committee review. City officials plan to present the final version of Vision 2040 to council in late September.

Over the next two decades, as needs change, the plan will be revised. Vision 2040 is simply to “direct future decisions” for Lima, Smith said.

“A plan for the city of Lima hasn’t been created since the 1950s,” Smith said.

The project will eventually be available to the community on the LACRPC website,, and the city’s website, The community will have time (once posted) to leave comments until September.

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