Lima launches a new employment program for young people

LIMA — A new program in Lima has been created to help young people find new entry points into the job market.

The city of Lima has launched a workforce initiative program known as “GenNext” for young adults ages 16-24 who have not earned a post-secondary degree. This new program will train and educate young professionals in the areas of employment they wish to pursue.

“According to a national study completed in June 2022, the national unemployment rate among youth aged 16 to 19 was 10.4% and 6.8% among those aged 20 to 24,” said Amber Martin, a research specialist. workforce and small business development. . “For adults 25 and older, the unemployment rate is 3.9% nationally and 4.3% locally. Young adults who fail to access stable jobs in their early 20s are more likely to experience long spells of unemployment, lower earnings, and greater difficulty building financial security. That’s why we’re launching GenNext today.

Young people interested in this program will receive pre-employment training and begin a paid internship tied to their desired career path. Members of this program will learn about professionalism, financial literacy, workplace communication and more. The city of Lima is currently looking for pre-employment providers.

Eligible young people can start applying in January 2023. Classes will start in the spring and internships will start in the summer.

“Some of the things I learned in my first job included building character and developing job skills,” Mayor Sharetta Smith said. “I have taken these skills with me throughout my career. I am very happy to announce this program. This gives us the opportunity to gain real workforce experience and gives us, as a city, the opportunity to do what we can to increase household income.

“We already have partners here in the city: Mercy Health-St. Rita’s, Lima Memorial Health System and Huntington Bank. We also had a kick-off meeting yesterday with several employers who are interested in offering this workforce opportunity to students as well as those wishing to provide pre-employment skills. Our goal is to train 100 young people per summer starting in the summer of 2023. In order to achieve this goal, we will need family members, friends and teachers to tell young people about this opportunity.

For more information, contact Ambre Martin at 419-223-7281.

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