We compare interest rates on private loans.

When it comes to interest on a private loan, it is often difficult to get a good grip on the whole thing. This then the interest rate varies depending on how big, how long a loan is and who lends money. Generally, you can say that a short and small loan has a much higher interest rate than a long and large loan.

Interest rates are different than, for example, the price of a TV. When you buy a TV you know that it costs for example USD 8,000. When you are borrowing it may say that you can get an interest rate of 6% but that does not mean that you will get exactly 6% but it can vary from person to person.

Different interest rates

Different interest rates

Because the interest rate varies for private loans, lenders often do not write an exact interest rate without an interval. The numbers they print often start around, for example, 5% and then extend up to close to 20%. This applies to the lenders who lend from about USD 20,000 up to USD 350,000.

The conclusion is that you may very well be able to pay an interest rate that is quite close to 20% if you want to borrow USD 20,000 for a short period and do not have the best finances yourself. If you instead want to borrow USD 350,000 in say 10 years and have a very good economy, you can get away with an interest rate around 5%. Which is a big difference when it comes to interest rates.

Your own finances affect

Your own finances affect

Thus, to a large extent, the interest rate is determined after the loan itself, but your own finances can also record it. One can say that a good economy means that the risk for the lender to lend money is less and thus they do not feel an equal need to charge a high interest rate. A poorer economy will instead entail a higher risk for the lender and thus they will charge a higher interest rate to secure their money.

Lenders who lend lower sums

It is often only the lenders who lend from about USD 5,000 up to USD 25,000 that print out exactly what the interest rate is for their loans. In another way, they have determined the interest rate. Sure this is good but unfortunately it is often expensive to borrow from these lenders as their interest rates are high.

Mortgage Intermediaries


Since it is often difficult to immediately get a good overview of what interest rate you can possibly pay for the intended loan, it can be a good idea to use a loan broker. Such examples are Freedom Finance, Insplanet and Lendo.

What you do then is go to their website and fill in the information about the loan you want to take. The loan intermediaries then contact the various lenders and get back from them answers with offers of loans. There you can then see exactly what it will cost to borrow and then it will be easy to choose the lender that is the cheapest.

Using a loan broker is therefore very good for those who want to get the cheapest price. Another good thing is that it is completely free for you to use the loan brokers. It does not cost anything at all and there is also no requirement to choose a particular lender or even take out a loan.