20 tips to save water at home

Water saving is an issue that should concern us all, not only for saving money, but mainly because it is an indispensable non-renewable resource for life. From Betsey Trotwood we tell you how you can contribute to saving water with little money:

How to save water at home

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The bathroom and kitchen are both places there is a tap and you use water at home. Each one has its own peculiarities, although there are tricks to spend less water that apply equally. These are the two most important.

1- Close the faucet whenever you don’t use it. This is a basic but very effective rule. It doesn’t matter if you are washing your hands, brushing your teeth, shaving or even while washing your hair. This way you will not waste water that you are not using.

2- Make sure the faucets do not lose water.

3- Use flow reducers: these devices are installed in the pipes or showers to prevent water consumption from exceeding a fixed consumption (normally 8 liters / minute versus 15 liters / minute for a tap and 10 liters / minute against 20 liters / minute for a shower).

4- Another resource that we can use in all the faucets is to install aerators (or atomizers): they are inserted in the faucets and incorporate air into the water jet, reducing water consumption by up to 40%.

5- Single lever tap: it is a mixing tap in which the opening, closing and mixing of the water is carried out by means of a single lever. It is more suitable than the conventional tap because in order to keep the desired temperature and not have to perform the hot / cold water mixture, water is usually allowed to flow in vain.

6- Stopcock: If you close it slightly, you will not notice the difference, but you will spend much less water.

How to save water in the bathroom

7- Take a shower instead of bathing. Another basic tip if you want to reduce water consumption in the bathroom. A bath spends 50% less water or about 150 liters.

8- Regulates the toilet cistern. This is one of the classic tricks to spend less water. You can regulate the toilet to the maximum and even beyond. You just need to fill two bottles of water and put them in the tank. With this method you will save between two and four liters of water every time you go to the bathroom.

9- Take advantage of the water that falls while waiting for it to warm up. Simply put a bucket and you can reuse that water to water the plants or clean the floor, for example.

How to save water in the kitchen

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10 – Use the full load dishwasher and dishwasher and do not wash by hand. If your device does not allow you to work at half load, wait until it can be filled, doing so means saving 40% compared to handwashing.

11- Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl instead of under the tap

12- Before washing, put the pots and pans to soak. It will be easier to scrub and spend less water doing it.

13- Bet on A + and A +++ appliances. These devices are more efficient in energy consumption, both in the energy they use to heat water and in the amount of water they use.

14- Another option is to look for a dishwasher or washing machine that directly includes ecological programs. According to the OCU data, an old washing machine can spend 80 liters for each wash compared to 50 for a new one.

Spend less water in the garden

15- Bet on native plants. Plants accustomed to the weather will not need so much water

16- Water in the morning or at night. This will prevent water from evaporating before being absorbed.

17 -Rationalizes irrigation. You can do it by taking advantage of rainwater or installing an automatic drip irrigation system. You can spend up to 5 times less than with a traditional spray.

18- Watch that your irrigation system has no breaks or water leaks. Check the hose and valves for any damage.

19- Cover the pool if it is not going to be used. This will prevent the water from getting dirty and evaporating. In addition, you can use it for longer.

20- If you do not throw large amounts of chlorine into the pool water, you can reuse the water to water the plants or clean the patio